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Natural Birth Classes and Breastfeeding 101 Classes taught by an experienced birth assistant, educator and mother of 6!

Lorrie Leigh, Doula/Educator

Over a decade ago my husband and I planned to have a child, only to find out we would be blessed with two.  We changed providers several times, engaged a doula and educated ourselves.  Our actual experience during that birth made us realize that more parents need high quality, independent childbirth classes if they are to achieve empowered birth. And so we became childbirth educators ourselves. We went on to have a total of six children.  Two singleton daughters were blissfully born at home with a midwife. Our second set of twins was born very prematurely in the hospital, resulting in the loss of one child soon after birth and two months in the NICU with another.  Not the joyful experience we had hoped for, but certainly one that taught me many new lessons about supporting families who  may go through challenges at the time of birth. 

My children were exclusively breastfed and lactation education is also a passion of mine.  I offer an optional Breastfeeding 101 class, in addition to my natural childbirth education classes, and am known in the local birth community as a good resource for breastfeeding support in addition to my work as a labor doula.  My original training and certification, ten years ago, was with one of the original pioneering groups in the natural birth community.  Over the years, my course content expanded-- as my continuing education and experience has grown. To that end, I have recently become a charter member of a new childbirth eductation organization called Informed Beginnings, to better serve my students with a modern, evidence based curriculum drawing from many sources for content and inspiration.

 For the last 10 years I have been attending births as both a doula and birth assistant. This fall marks a new adventure! Nursing school is the next step in my ultimate goal to become a midwife.  It is a joy to serve growing families in the Howard County and the surrounding areas of Maryland and Washington, D.C.

                                 Our beautiful children!  


   Natural Childbirth Made Simple for                     Modern Families


  • "In summer 2012 my daughter was born at a local hospital with the professional support of Lorrie Leigh. I could not have expected a better doula. Lorrie is highly experienced a..."
    Happy Client
  • "Lorrie was someone I could depend on throughout my pregnancy and labor. She was a true source of information as well as support, which I found refreshing and comforting. Her vi..."
    Kate Fuentes
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